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The Charge: Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance (dropped), Unlawful Possession of Ammunition (dropped), Threats

The record: On April 13, 2007, members of the 4th District Focus Mission Unit executed a search warrant on a residence “full of thick smoke which had a strong burnt marijuana odor.” Theodore Webb was one of seven defendants arrested. Police recovered a variety of questionable items, including a “loose green weed substance,” “2 white cigarettes containing green weed substance,” a “backpack containing counterfeit CDs,” and “a total of $2,264.00 in U.S. currency.” Webb made “threats to do bodily harm to members of the Metropolitan Police Department Fourth District.”

Sentencing hearing date: 10/10/07


Lawyer: “Mr. Webb told me he completed 60 of the 90 sessions [of his mental health treatment program],” says Webb’s lawyer Marc Reader. “Whatever he’s done has substantially changed his attitude.…He’s not the same man who was screaming at me at one point.”

Defendant: Webb says that he dropped out of the program to work. “They make money off of everybody that is in there,” says Webb. “In the program is people who are still doing drugs. You can see it. They come with all kinds of excuses. They come with all kinds of things, you know… I stopped mainly because, I mean, it’s time to stop: I’m 66 years old, survived almost 60 years on the street.…All my friends that hadn’t seen me, they say ‘damn you doing something good.’”

Judge: “I don’t see the point in deviating,” says Judge Zinora Mitchell-Rankin. “You need to finish up the program that you’re in.”


The Sentence: In limbo. Webb is scheduled to come before the judge again at 9 a.m. on Nov. 29.