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I read Jason Cherkis’ article “Give Me the Curd” (The Food Issue) with great interest—and bewilderment. As a long-time vegan who’s lived in the D.C. area since 2000, my dining experiences have been remarkably different and overwhelmingly positive.

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The Metro area is home to more than a dozen all-vegetarian eateries, ranging from Asian-inspired cuisine at Java Green to soul food at Soul Vegetarian to all-American options at Sticky Fingers Bakery. Plus there are hundreds more restaurants catering to the increasing demand for meat-free fare.

Vegetarian food is about so much more than eating tofu, and with a variety of unique and savory options available in the nation’s capital, finding animal-friendly meals that will please the palate of even the most die-hard carnivore is easier than ever.

Erica Meier
Executive Director
Compassion Over Killing
Takoma Park