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Tuneful folk-rock with galloping backbeats and ajazzy feel, the music of Emmet Swimming recalls early Del Amitri or pre-psychedelic Lilac Time. Singer/guitarist/lyricist Todd Watts can overemote at times—song titles like “Angst II” and “I Will (Requiem for a Farmer)” almost require it—but musically, the quartet’s 13-song album, dark when the snow falls, is sophisticated and subtly syncopated. Paced by Watts and Erik Wenberg’s picking and drummer Tamer Eid’s sometimes Latin rhythms, songs like “Clean Water,” “This Is My Life,” and “South Bristol, ME” are rural reveries with an urban sheen. The CD is on Screaming Goddess; for more information, write Alan Stewart, P.O. Box 1116, Fairfax, VA 22030.