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LOOSE LIPS SHOULD have talked to me before writing his Aug. 20 column.

I have been an energy economist for 31 years. In 1992 and ’93, I co-chaired Americans for Democratic Action’s commission on economics, energy, and the environment. The 1992 commission produced a comprehensive energy policy for the U.S. All of this led to my invitation to join the ADA board.

While aware of some of the internal controversies within ADA, I did not participate in any of them or attend any caucuses. Rather, I saved my energies for energy and would not have accepted a position on the ADA board if either I or my brother, Sam Smith, had thought that I was being used to push him out.

For the record, Eugene McCarthy is wrong. One of the reasons that ADA was founded was to fight the Stalinists and Trotskyites for control of U.S. labor unions and other progressive organizations. The latter fought hard, fought dirty, and even blew an arm off one of the Reuther brothers. ADA also helped fight the racists for control of the Democratic Party. They also fought hard and dirty. I feel honored to have played a humble role in these struggles.

Cagnas, P.R.