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I WANT TO THANK LOOSE Lips for his use of the complimentary photos of Dave Clarke (9/3). Loose Lips should not try to hide his secret admiration and support for Clarke. Perhaps Loose Lips might someday abandon his life of anonymity and join Clarke in the light of responsibility and accountability. Clarke is certainly not the slick, backslapping, deal-making politician Marion Barry is, but Clarke offers the District of Columbia other talents, including those of a D.C. native who is honest and intelligent with well-thought-out positions.

I can understand that Loose Lips is impressed with the contrast created between Clarke and Charlene Drew Jarvis. Clarke is not exactly Mr. Tight Lips, but his lips and words are well connected to logic and careful distinctions, all of which Clarke owns up to as his responsibility. Drawing logical distinctions can be tedious to those in a hurry, but it is at the heart of all knowledge, said Aristotle, 2,500 years ago.

Councilmember Jarvis gives the whole idea of loose lips a bad name by the way she says one thing and does another, or by the way she says whatever her audience wants to hear, or by the way she flip-flops to both sides of important issues, such as the city budget, the proposed gambling casino, and the gun-liability law. Clarke’s positions on those issues have been thoughtful and constant. A leader needs a deep rudder of values, principles, and habits which keep the leader on course when the winds of public pressure change. Clarke has such deep and weighty principles which might be seen by some as tedious but serve our city well.

Adams Morgan