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THE RECENT “LOOSE Lips” column, “Yes or No, Dave?” (9/3), again castigates me for attention to detail. I now know the real reason for LL’s discomfort. Too often, details contain facts, and facts have a way of getting in the way of loose journalism.

But LL makes a mistake of his own, saying that I opposed the cogenerator but declined to take action at a Sept. 30 D.C. Council session. Let me point out that there is no Sept. 30 council session scheduled and maybe even to go further and note that there are no legislative sessions scheduled between Sept. 24, when I will take the seat, and Oct. 1, when a building permit may be issued. Somehow I thought that that detail was dispositive of my ability to make a commitment to introduce emergency legislation in the time frame presented.

Reflecting his further aversion to nagging details, LL fails to report that there is a legislative session scheduled Sept. 21. Both of the candidates who are currently on the council (but not those who are currently off) would be able to introduce the cherished measure at that time, but neither of them has apparently been asked to do so. Inasmuch as answers reflecting a moment of thought, attention to detail, or some consideration of alternative approaches are considered evasive, and inasmuch as the rephrasing of questions is assumed to be the exclusive prerogative of those asking questions rather than those responding, I suggest LL tighten up a bit, rephrase his question, and pose it, on a yes-or-no basis, to those who could do that which is desired to be done.

Mount Pleasant