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The July/August Simple Machines Working Holidays offerings are unusually poppy and personal. On the August platter, Small Factory commemorates “the first anniversary of Alex’s broken heart” with “If You Hurt Me,” a slow burner that builds to an angry vow and some rude guitar; and Tsunami’s samba-folkie-punk “Kidding on the Square” is the indie-label-mogul version of the burned-out-rocker lament. (Can Exile on Wilson Boulevard be far behind?) In July, Nothing Painted Blue’s tuneful “Another Child Bride” seems vaguely topical but quite unholidayed. Lois (“with Brendan Guy”) does take on the Fourth of July, but her catchy and exuberant “Indie” gives the annual fireworks display a subculture spin by equating the U.S. of A.’s independence with the live-free-or-die spirit of little-labeldom. Each brace of Holidays is $3 from P.O. Box 10290, Arlington, VA 22210-1290.