The city’s grand new edifice at 1 Judiciary Square puts the latest technology at your fingertips—unfortunately. Instead of a simple, old-fashioned room directory with alphabetical listings under dusty glass, the lobby is graced with a high-tech “SofTouch InfoCenter,” where visitors can wait in line, then press their fingertip to one of six categories listed on a full-color computer screen. Under “Messages From the Mayor,” Herroner appears in digital portrait to tout the kiosk as an example of innovation and public service. The visitor can laboriously travel back to the main screen, then into the “Building Directory” menu, and then into one of four subcategories, each of which leads to another screen that accesses yet more screens. Should you actually locate a room number, you can hit the print button. And wait. And hit print again. Nothing emerges from the front or back of the machine. So either write down the three-digit room number or just try to remember it. Neither method exemplifies the mayor’s high-tech hopes, but on the other hand, they actually work.