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The soup of activist acronyms got a little thinner on Aug. 12 when AMBi—the Alliance of Multicultural Bisexuals—disbanded. According to co-founder Loraine Hutchins, the 2-year-old group’s demise was the result of a small success and a bigger failure. The success came in persuading gay and lesbian groups to recognize and incorporate bisexuals into their ranks —the D.C. Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, for example, added the words “and Bisexuals” to its title. But despite two years of effort, AMBi never recruited enough non-white members to justify the “Multicultural” in its name. The frustrated AMBis voted unanimously to dissolve the group, since its largely white membership did not match the reality of a city where racial minorities are the majority. AMBi issued a final, self-critical press release about the lack of diversity in the queer community, and Hutchins says that members will now take their bridge-building agenda to other local sexual rights coalitions.