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I DON’T KNOW WHY Peter LaBarbera didn’t quit while he was ahead (The Mail, 9/3). Michael Gips’ piece on his publication, Lambda Report (“Lambda Razing,” The District Line, 8/13), was more than just “reasonably balanced,” it was almost a gift. The constant misuse of information, outright lies, and distortions LaBarbera and others like him use could have been taken even more to task. I am sure Gips saw the “gay agenda” videos and realized they were not only “sensationalist” but also full of garbage—mostly pseudoscientific statements by psychologists who are criticized by the majority of their peers for acting unethically and unscientifically and the testimony of the small handful of “cured” gays and lesbians who must have so much self-loathing they turn to churches and “reparative therapists” to try to change something they cannot.

LaBarbera, while claiming to “have many gay friends,” doesn’t really have a clue as to what gay and lesbian people feel. I can tell him from personal experience that I haven’t “sexualized” my emotional needs for love and acceptance. What I have done is grow and mature without denying who I am, without blaming anyone or anything for my orientation. LaBarbera’s apparent attempt at explaining away homosexuality by equating it to “affectional love” gone awry is simplistic at best. I have plenty of loving friendships with men and women, but that has nothing to do with the relationships in my life that include sex. I don’t consider myself “hip” (ask any of my friends!). I just consider myself “me.” Maybe LaBarbera should consider his motives and educate himself before he starts monitoring the gay and lesbian community and adding himself to the growing number of “experts” who say everything and know nothing about our lives.


Washington, D.C.