I WOULD LIKE TO THANK you for the investment of time and energy spent on a very important topic (“Booze N the Hood,” 9/3). It is evident that you went to great lengths to be thorough and professional in your reporting about alcohol in the nation’s capital. Knowing that you have a penchant for thoroughness, I bring to your attention a statement that might get misconstrued and improperly attributed to me:

“Not only was the former mayor a diligent consumer of hooch, but he used the liquor license as an economic development and affirmative action tool, according to the Rev. Brown.”

Again, I really think that your work is most impressive and that your closing paragraphs were well articulated. We need much more factual and critical journalism of this sort to help tear down our high walls of denial about alcohol sales and consumption in this city.

Senior Minister

Brightwood Park United Methodist Church

Brightwood Park