Titled simply Holy Rollers, the latest album from the (relatively) longtime Dischord standard-bearers is something of a new beginning. Now a quartet with a fresh rhythm section recently acquired from Richmond—a lineup previewedon the “Watching the Grass Grow” single, also included here—the Rollers have a new versatility and show themselves unafraid to use it. The disc has its Fugazi’d moments—notably the careening guitar solo of “Set Up” and the stop/start “Clear (Re-overture),” with its Picciotto-like bark of “why don’t you show yourself?”—but songs like “Worlds Apart” and “Pure” fulfill the melodic promise of the opening “Gold,” whose jumpy exuberance is balanced by downright pretty vocal chorales. Other highlights include the vehement “Killing Alley,” with its litany of local killing fields, and the straight- ahead “Ride My Sky.” The CD is $8 from Dischord, 3819 Beecher St. NW, Washington, DC 20007.