When the Washington Psychotronic Film Society held its first annual Psycho Awards party at Chaos Monday night, 11 finalist videos were screened, representing a fairly broad range of psychotronic tastes from obtusely “artistic” to cheekily amusing. The low- or no-budget productions vied for nifty custom statuettes: souvenir Capitol domes with a hovering “flying saucer” attached.

Second place went to Straight From the Pit of Hell, a George Romero-style blood- (and wiener-) fest by Jeff Herberger, who graciously offered the audience roles in his next project.

The coveted first prize (and $75 check) went to Lynn Dougherty and Chip Roughton’s very slick and surprising documentary, Hog, a portrait of a biker rally that is not what you might expect.

If there was a lesson to be learned from the evening, it might have been how strangely compelling the Fisher-Price PXL2000 kiddie video camera is, or how frighteningly unironic disco music on soundtracks can be.

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