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Screamco, Washington’s premier media hoaxers, had a busy summer, although most of the bogus calls fell below the group’s usual standard for creativity. Based on a tape mailed (anonymously, as always) to Washington City Paper, the one gem was their call to Mark Gilman, a host on Christian-talk WAVA-FM (105.1). Responding to Gilman’s apparently cavalier attitude about the shooting of a Wichita OB-GYN by an anti-abortion activist, the Screamers came up with a bit that lampooned both Gilman and the fad of asking commuters to phone in traffic reports. The call begins with Gilman welcoming “Brian, on a car phone on the Beltway” and asking whether he has traffic news to report. As Brian responds with generic babble about road conditions, the sound of squealing tires mounts in the background. When Gilman finally asks about the noise, Brian responds: “I’m in the midst of kind of a police chase, here. I just shot an abortion doctor and I’m trying to outrun the police.” Click. By Screamco’s admission, the bit was “overblown and sophomoric.” Pretty funny, too.