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BRIGID SCHULTE’S “A Monumental Disappointment” (The District Line, 9/10) was, overall, a most enjoyable recounting of the “monumental madness” that so often takes hold of this city. She was remiss, however, in holding up Maj. Archibald Butt and his memorial to implied ridicule, apparently because of his name. Maj. Butt, as well as his fellow first-class passenger, prominent Washington resident Frank D. Millet, were both lost on the Titanic in 1912. Maj. Butt clearly was regarded as an American hero of the sinking. A monument was well deserved, and its establishment and location reflect the esteem in which Maj. Butt and Mr. Millet were held by their friends in Washington. Further references to the last hours of both gentlemen can be found in Walter Lord’s A Night to Remember.

Springfield, Va.