In a town full of strange theories, Robert Lansberry manages to stand out. The 63-year-old Pittsburgh native says he arrived in Washington four months ago to spread the word that secret powers—the government, all major religions, and unions—are “up to their teeth” in mind control, mail snooping, and other illicit projects. No street ruffian, Lansberry sallies forth from a hotel each morning to greet commuters at places like Key Bridge with a sign reading, “Stop Mail Censorship.” He patrols the busy K Street corridor, distributing an anti-Semitic flier titled “Senator Specter Sucks,” which explains how Sen. Arlen Specter and the Jewish mayor of Pittsburgh conspired to steal Lansberry’s mother’s house. Interviewed at K and Connecticut, Lansberry offers a novel explanation for the pamphlet. “Jews wrote the flier,” he explains, “to make me look bad.” So why is he handing it out? Lansberry says he is under subliminal radio mind control. The “mail censorship” claim is all his own, however. Lansberry believes that the government intercepts his mail. There is no physical evidence of this, he concedes, but only because the feds are careful to reseal the envelopes or destroy them altogether. When challenged for evidence, Lansberry counters with an observation that any citizen can confirm: Every time he checks his mail, he says, “there are only bills, not personal letters.” Hmm. Maybe he’s onto something after all.