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A HEARTY THANKS TO THE diligent PCAs (Parking Control Aides) who, through their tireless efforts, are leading us to a better world (“That’s the Ticket,”9/24). If only there were twice as many of them, and an equally large contingent of traffic enforcers busy writing exorbitant citations for the dozens of brazen moving violations taking place in Washington at any given instant, all of which endanger the lives of the city’s noble pedestrians. While the District’s motorists are sullying our air, placing our economy in debt to foreign oil sources, and isolating themselves completely from society, thousands of pedestrians are trying to enjoy a simple life in salubrious communion with the Earth and their fellow citizens. The presence of automobiles within the city needlessly endangers the lives of these worthy souls. Therefore, anything that leads to a decrease in District driving, including Draconian parking-violation enforcement, serves a much greater good: the safety and peace of mind of the blameless pedestrian. Someday, tightly packed eastern cities will inevitably have to prohibit the use of automobiles within their boundaries. Perhaps Washington could be the first. The sooner, the better.

Capitol Hill