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“JUMPING JACK FLASH: Evans Makes Pro-Developer Moves” (“Streetscape,” 9/24), focusing on a Sept. 18 constituents’ meeting convened by Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, was inaccurate in many ways. As a participant in the meeting, I can observe that Councilmember Evans did not counsel anyone to think or act in a particular way. Nor was the meeting’s intent to “strategize…in the wake of Dave Clarke’s election.” To the contrary, the advent of Dave Clarke was mentioned only inasmuch as it was not yet clear how he would act on downtown housing and development issues.

There are many other shadings of the truth in the article that warrant correction, and it missed altogether what was really notable about the meeting—namely, the openness and frankness of the whole discussion. Among the people invited were constituents who have taken issue with some of Evans’ views.

And Evans’ commitment to downtown housing is far beyond “theoretical.” Name another councilmember that can match his record. Maybe it’s difficult for some to perceive correctly Evans’ reasoning because he doesn’t subscribe to knee-jerk and absolutist thinking. Why is it difficult to believe that Evans can be very committed to the big picture, but still have the independence and the flexibility to think about each case individually? One can disagree with Evans about reduced housing provisions, but I wouldn’t resort to Ross Perot demagoguery and question his sincerity simply because his views don’t pass a so-called “purity” test.

I am happy to have a councilmember capable of independent and reasoned thinking, rather than one dedicated to form over substance and results.

Logan Circle