I APPRECIATE THE NUMBER of articles you have done on the D.C. gay sex scene in the past months: cruising in LBJ Park (“Silent Partners,” 5/7), an interview with a porn film director (“Working the Kinks Out,” 7/2), and now “massage parties” in Adams Morgan by “Mel Kennett” (“Naked Truth,” The District Line, 9/24). Any writing on sex from the viewpoint of personal experience is antidote to the “Gay Is Good” politics of the Washington Blade and the facts-cum-hatred of people like Peter LaBarbera. It’s just like my parents told me: Sex without love is just one more dead end.

But enough already! If the listings in the Yellow Pages under “massage” are any indication, the heterosex scene is a lot more prevalent than the gay one (though probably more expensive; is that why you don’t report on it?). At least Kennett or your reporters could try sex (safe) when they go investigating instead of writing from the condescending attitude of someone who doesn’t seem interested in the first place. That’s like writing a restaurant review without sampling the food.

Mount Pleasant