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Ever since Time diagnosed the “twentysomething” generation as apathetic three years ago, wails to the contrary have reverberated through dorm rooms with an increasing insistence. On Oct. 12, another shriek will be added to the chorus with the launch of Washington’s own Who Cares: A Journal of Service and Action. Founded by three recent Harvard graduates, Who Cares is designed to solidify the Zeitgeist of the slacker set by showing Ivy-types donating their precious time to the common cause. Good intentions abound, but some do-gooders—like the Dartmouth student who received corporate funding to bicycle around the country chatting up students about community service—seem to be hoarding resources better donated to soup kitchens. The magazine’s subjects are described as “media savvy,” but it’s the editors who are really savvy: Among the contributors listed on the premier cover is Annie Leibovitz, when in fact the illustrious shutterbug’s work is merely reprinted from her famous public-service series on HIV awareness.