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Frankly, My Dear As part of a survey of congressional franking (free mailing) practices, Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) asked members of Congress to copy all their mass mailings, then mail them—under the frank, of course—to CAGW. Paul Smith, an aide to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R- Utah), had a frank response of his own: “This letter from the Citizens Against Government Waste is asking us to spend government money (i.e., staff time, copying costs) researching for them—a special-interest group—what they can obtain publicly, then frank it to them so they can hit us on using the frank.” CAGW President Thomas Schatz admits that some might find his group’s request ironic. But he insists that this is the most economical way to gather the material, since the congressional Office of Public Records charges 20 cents a page for copies of Senate documents and won’t even make copies of House mail. Most responses have been positive, Schatz says, although a few other senators objected.