I WISH TO RESPOND TO Gregory McCarthy’s challenge to “[n]ame another councilmember that can match his [Jack Evans’] record” (The Mail, 10/1). The councilmember from Ward 3, Jim Nathanson, has a far more distinguished record of supporting downtown housing than Evans. Also, Councilmembers Barry, Jarvis, Mason, Lightfoot, and Chavous have better records by the very fact that they did not submit letters to the Zoning Commission urging that residential requirements be deleted at 1201 K Street, like Evans did. That makes at least six councilmembers with a better record than Evans.

In every case at the Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment where downtown housing has been battled over, the only record of testimony by Evans has been in opposition to downtown housing. Indeed, Mr. McCarthy, please present any votes by Evans on legislation or testimony byEvans on specific cases in the downtown development district where Evans has supported downtown housing.

It is one thing to claim in campaign literature and at voter gatherings that you support downtown housing; it is quite another to actually follow through and deliver in testimony and in votes. Evans has yet to prove that he can or even wants to do so.

Mount Pleasant