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LOOSE LIPS’ REPETITIOUS recital of the alleged frailties of the Department of Finance and Revenue and its director (9/24) is growing in resemblance to the Big Lie of 50 years ago: If it’s said enough times, it becomes true.

Not surprisingly, these repetitious columns have failed to acknowledge that neither Sharon Morrow nor any other District government official is at liberty to discuss in detail the personnel actions that take place in government. It is against the law.

LL also fails to recognize how inappropriate it is for him to suggest that the DFR director comment on the decisions and actions of members of the Board of Equalization and Review. In these matters, the responsibility DFR’s director has is to stand behind her assessors—and she has done so without castigating BER.

LL continues to prattle about CAMA, which has been a successful computerization of the District’s property tax records. The $5 million project took less than one year—a remarkable achievement by industry standards. Equally remarkable is the level of accuracy in the data collection on the 168,000 parcels in the District and conversion of the system from index cards, manual analysis, and filing processes to a sophisticated, computerized system of record keeping and analyses. Of course, LL would know all this had he accepted our invitation to be briefed on the CAMA project this past July.

Finally, given LL’s desire for accuracy, I would think he would spell my name correctly. It’s O’Connor, with an “o.”

Chief Financial Officer

Government of the District of Columbia

Judiciary Square