Notice that Evans has no argument with what we reported about the alley-closing hearing, which was open to the public, but only with what we were able to glean about his downtown- housing meeting, from which we were barred. (It’s a little hypocritical to hold secret meetings and then complain about the coverage, but of course we don’t hold Evans to the same integrity that we would a genuine public servant.) Notice also that Evans tries to portray this as a conflict between himself and Washington City Paper, even attributing to us the direct quote about “doing the bidding of Wilkes Artis,” which actually came from one of his constituents. The fact is that a sizable rift has opened between Evans, who was once a developer-skeptic, and his constituents and other land-use civic activists, and he’s only trying to sidestep that by blaming City Paper’s “biases.” By the way, Evans has on other occasions “counseled downtown residents to accept developer proposals to reduce housing provisions…at the old Hecht’s site.”