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A little love, a little betrayal, a little chat about the future of U.S.-Japanese trade relations—just another night at home with the Clintons? Maybe, but these are also some of the issues broached by the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s new “musical political comedy,” Offshore. Not all of the issues, mind you. The show is more elaborate than the NAFTA agreement: It centers around trade negotiations between a Japanese tycoon and a Detroit-born son of laid-off auto workers but also includes appearances by a lesbian, a street person, and an American-born Chinese looking to get into the semiconductor business. But the final message is painfully simple: If free trade prevails, the muckety-mucks will prosper and the little guys will lose out. Unlike Hillary’s health care plan, the performance is free, so bring a placard and policy manual—or maybe just a picnic—Monday at 2 p.m. at the Ellipse at Constitution Avenue between 15th & 17th Streets NW. (202) 289-7174. (Liza Mundy)