One of the two men shot while hunting last month by a pair of teen-agers who wanted to steal his gun was Darren Spears, lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist with the rockabilly band Go Cat Go. This tragedy comes on the heels of a recording offer from Holland’s Rockhouse Records label; instead, the surviving members of the group have decided to disband.

Go Cat Go specialized in early rockabilly to the point of playing only vintage instruments and recording with old tube microphones. This devout obsession with the past yielded a remarkably authentic sound and feel to the Cats’ shows—close your eyes and you’d swear it was 1954. A highlight of the band’s career was a session at fabled Sun Studios; according to Crazy Legs Productions’ Wendy LeBeau, a compilation of previously recorded Go Cat Go material may still be released.

Donations to Spears’ family may be made through the Spears Fund, 300 Swann Ave., Alexandria, VA 22301, or contact LeBeau at Crazy Legs Productions, Route 2, Box 23, Indian Head, MD 20640.