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In the promotional materials accompanying her new cassette, Royal Flush, determined shockstress Esmirelda prominently touts the fact that her backup musicians are graduates of the late Root Boy Slim’s sideshow. While this may make sense from a musical and marketing standpoint—Root always had a kicking band and a bad reputation—the two have less in common than one might assume. Where Root probed the sociopolitical in his lyrics, Esmirelda rarely strays from a scatological/sexual take on life. Titles like “Have You Got a Hard-On?” and “The Double Dong Song” pretty much define the subtlety level; tunes begin with a belch, end in orgasmic cries. And musically, the Wammie award-winning Esmirelda is all over the map: quasi-country, pseudo-jazz, punkish rock, rockish punk—whatever fits her naughty theme. A record release party will be held Nov. 6 at the Muddy River Boat Works, 15th & Church Sts. NW. Call (301) 460-DRAT to get on the guest list.