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The Black Sabbath revival continues on Life Out There, the latest from D.C.-based metalists Wretched. Psychedelia, squealing guitars, Ozzyish vocals—all thefixins of retro-metal are here (liner notes feature the first thank-you to Rush seen in a long time), with the quartet managing its nicest turn on the moody chording of “Standing Down.” Both heavier and muddier than Wretched is label-mate Iron Man, but the Sabbath influence is still pervasive. Iron Man’s Black Night showcases guitar strongly reminiscent of Sab’s Toni Iommi (he’s acknowledged in the liner notes, perhaps to avoid a copyright stink), as well as songs that manage to be simultaneously plodding and catchy. Try to find copies of both Life Out There and Black Night; otherwise, brush up on your Deutsch and write Hellhound Records, Zossener Strasse 8, 1000 Berlin 61, Germany.