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As the District reverts to the Hobbesian state of nature—a war of all against all—perhaps the city needs an Uzi in every bedroom, a Glock in every purse, and a Bernard Goetz on every Metro car. That’s what Barry Murray, editor of the black community weekly News Dimensions, seems to think. Espous ing the ever-popular theory that “law- abiding citizens are sitting ducks for criminals,” Murray has just launched a petition drive to repeal the District’s strict gun-control laws. The petition, a copy of which is published in the Oct. 1 issue of News Dimensions, claims that D.C.’s gun laws were “only enacted to keep guns out of the hands of Black people living in proximity to the leaders of the U.S. government,” and argues that Washingtonians should have the right to arm themselves in order to defend their homes and families. Murray says that if the petition attracts support—he’s hoping for 50,000 replies—he’ll try to bring the issue of repeal to a citywide referendum.