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CONGRATULATIONS ON AN excellent cover article on Gerald Kapiloff Jr. (“King of the Deadbeat Club,” 10/1). This is a story that both residents and businesspeople in this area need to read to protect themselves.

In 1986, I was able to collect the entire amount of a civil suit won against Kapiloff on behalf of a small client of mine by finding and attaching a bank account of his—and he hit the roof when the attachment hit his account. I don’t tell you this to brag (although, after reading your article, my client may). I inform you of this so as to encourage those still encourageable to continue in their efforts of redress against Gerald Kapiloff and his “companies” and to assuage those who may have given up on having to fight for what is due them by letting them know that Kapiloff has been made to pay at least one other debt that he owed.

I figure that if his victims know that Kapiloff doesn’t always get away with it, they may feel a little better—at least, Kapiloff may feel a little worse.

Van Ness