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HAD TO WRITE TO SAY how much I enjoyed “Hounds of Love” (The District Line, 10/8). It’s comforting to know I’m not the only person who thinks Fabio is truly scary. Every time I see him on TV or read articles about him, I’m left wondering: Is this geek for real or did some agent make him up? I’d take Lassie anytime. He’s trainable, will get off the bed when you tell him to, and at least I can understand what he’s saying. One question: How does Dave Nuttycombe know Fabio is not circumcized? Is this a fact and was it checked personally? Is there something he left out of the article? Inquiring minds….

Bethesda, Md.

DAVE NUTTYCOMBE REPLIES: I pride myself on keeping an arms-length distance from my subjects, be they superhunks or regular Joes. In the case of Fabio’s John Thomas (Giovanni Tomasso?), I admit that I relied on the crusading reportage found in People magazine. Readers interested in discovering for themselves the real specs beyond the pecs are advised that Mr. Fabio will be appearing at Hecht’s at Metro Center on Oct. 22 to promote his fragrance.