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IT IS NOT OFTEN THAT I read Washington City Paper, but when alerted that there were missives (or perhaps “missiles”) contained in one issue from both Terry Lynch and Jack Evans (The Mail, 10/8), how could I resist? Lynch and Evans have both done lots of good work in this city, in my opinion, and deserve a lot of credit. I must say I find more than a hint of sanctimony in Lynch’s letter, however, especially on the issue of downtown development. I have to keep asking myself, “How could a saintly fellow like Lynch back a buccaneer like Jarvis for council chair, knowing her record on development?” Evans backed her as well, of course, to my dismay, but, after all, Jack is a tad less saintly than Terry. If Jack really is “palsy-walsy” with Wilkes Artis, that would trouble me. I would be surprised if it were true, however, given the great historic-preservation record Evans has compiled in Ward 2, which must be anathema to the likes of Wilkes Artis.

Then again, the metamorphosis of elected officials in this city never ceases to amaze. Sharon Pratt Kelly, when first elected, wielded an impressive “sweep-clean” broom, until shortly thereafter, when all the bristles fell out. John Ray, mayoral candidate for life and the city’s quintessential politician in the worst sense of that term, now appears to be a candidate for canonization, according to certain Georgetown groups, for his temporary and politically expedient conversion to “populism.” Watching Ray’s self-avowed political shrinkage from fat cat to lean kitty is truly a sight to behold.

Getting back to Terry and Jack, Terry needs to get a new pair of political eyeglasses to avoid the myopia of backing the likes of Jarvis, lifetime candidate for anything that opens, solely because of one issue (the new convention center). Jack, on the other hand, should re-connect with his original political base more often, including all those tenants who helped elect him.

Jack Evans and Terry Lynch are plainly two of the best and brightest guys on D.C.’s political horizon. More collaboration and fewer potshots would be a big help. They both have great contributions to make in this city in a time of great need.

Membership Chairman and Treasurer

Residential Action Coalition

Dupont Circle