Dr. Hunter S. Thompson last crawled out of his Colorado bunker for a 1992 audience with candidate Bill Clinton. But HST—apparently stricken anew with fear and loathing—stalked off to a bar, leaving his Rolling Stone cronies to finish the interview. Last weekend, however, the eccentric writer checked in again on Earth to offer some words of caution to Georgetown student Richard Diefenbeck. Diefenbeck, editor of a new GU biweekly, The Georgetown Gonzo, had requested that Thompson confer the mantle of satire and chemical debauchery upon the paper, which will include both a “Hunter page” and “non-hysterical” drug information. Diefenbeck wrote to Thompson that GU “needs…nonconformist irreverence.” Thompson’s response was a scrawled fax: “Ye fucking gods! Are you nuts? Those Jesuit bastards will eat you alive. Look what they did to Mr. Bill.” HST also enclosed Post clippings about Clinton staffers and apocalyptic warnings about what he might do if the Clintons and Gores supped at Planet Hollywood. Diefenbeck says he’s been “floating on air” ever since the gonzo god contacted him.