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WASHINGTON CITY Paper’s article on the Georgetown cogenerator (“Power Failure,”10/15) is long on pettifoggery but short on sympathy. Missing in this epic of power is the realization that the entire city has something at stake.

Aside from the obvious problems of oversizing (with accompanying over-pollution), the Georgetown power plant is the test case for 21 other sites spread throughout the District, identified as suitable for cogeneration.

Wards 6, 7, and 8 are the three unhealthiest areas of the city, where the cancer rate is disproportionately high. Yet Councilmember Harold Brazil’s Ward 6 is home to three of the proposed sites. Ward 8 under Marion Barry could have five plants. Ward 7—where Kevin Chavous is a champion because of his battle against Pepco’s effort to add the huge Benning Road facilities—is fortunately left out of the loop this time. Even so, visitors to Ward 7 would find it hard to ignore Pepco’s presence. Ward 2 could have three more in addition to the proposed Georgetown plant. Except for Ward 7, not one area of the city is left out.

The seriousness of the power plant issue for the city is lost in the reporting of the wrangling between the supporters and the opponents of the plant.