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AFTER READING DAVE Nuttycombe’s review of Esmirelda’s Royal Flush (“Sound Check,” 10/8), my interest was piqued. I was a big Root Boy fan and was glad to see that some of his band was still performing in D.C. So I went to Esmirelda’s Oct. 9 show at Club Asylum in Exile.

I was pleasantly surprised at the show that I saw, even though the band didn’t perform with Esmirelda that evening. From what Nuttycombe wrote, I expected an evening of just shit and sex. What I saw went far beyond what I expected. Sure there was belching and a toilet and songs about yeast infections and all kinds of sex…but there were also songs about censorship and how close-minded some people can be. After the show I bought Royal Flush and after listening to it a few times I realized that almost half of the songs do have sociopolitical significance. I agree, the band is kicking, and she’s not a “female Root Boy,” but I think you should listen to it again and try to really hear beyond the dirty words.

Rockville, Md.

DAVE NUTTYCOMBE REPLIES: You went expecting an evening of shit and sex?