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RE YOUR SNEERING LITTLE “Shooting Back” item in the Oct. 15 City Desk:

In fact, the earliest gun laws were passed in the South against blacks; gun control next struck in New York City, where it was aimed at the swarthy masses of foreigners. D.C.’s absurd gun laws—like all gun control laws—are only a substitute for a law enforcement system that is never there when you need it, and a judicial system that has collapsed altogether. It is only snooty, head-in-the-sand nerds like Washington City Paper writers and editors who continue to place their faith in these OSHA standards for criminals: Every killer in the District knows that any potential victim poses no risk to his personal safety. Being deprived of the means of self-defense is equivalent to being deprived of the right to self-defense.

You imply that ending the gun laws will turn the District into the Wild West. I prefer the Wild West to the terrorism we have here now, where residents have been turned into scared little bunnies by a handful of sociopaths.

I have lived in Washington for almost seven years now, and my fear has turned to anger, and my anger to activism. I have joined every gun-rights organization in the country, including the NRA.

None of this really matters, however, because my husband and I are part of the mass exodus from this haven for criminals. We are leaving the District of Cloud-Cuckooland for Virginia, where we will be allowed the dignity of protecting our lives and our home.

Lanier Heights