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Reinventing punk rock and themselves, three Ulyssean nationalists and new recruit Kim Thompson have become Cupid Car Club, M.P., now with a four-song EP produced by Brendan Canty and Guy Picciotto. Once advocates of “revolution,” Ian Svenonius and company now counsel “suicide”: The front cover offers how-to instructions for four methods of self-annihilation, while the back recounts the aftermath in pseudo-newspaper prose, complete with photos of band members that label each one “dead.” Such perverse self-promotion aside, the Club proves entirely alive on such neo-punk blasts as “Edge of the Envelope,” which substitute the rough vocal interplay of Svenonius and Thompson for the post-Pop Group sax bleats of the Nation. The disc’s magnum opus is “Grape Juice Plus,” a non-negotiable demand for more potent grape juice that mutates into a hymn to the four horsemen of the apocalypse and then a plea to “join our club.” “Regular grape juice isn’t strong enough” may not resonate like “no future,” but the quartet gives this goofiness an irresistible gallop. The platter’s on Kill Rock Stars, 120 State Ave. NE, 18, Olympia, WA 98501.