RE THE SNEERING LITTLE letter [on gun control] from our Lanier Heights friend, Diane Weber, in the Oct. 22 Washington City Paper:

Yes, the Wild West might be better than the terrorism we now have in D.C. I just hope that, should guns become legal in the District, I am not shot by Weber or her husband when I go to ask them the time. Weber is the ultimateNIMBY wimp: Since the District is so ugly and violent, don’t hang around; just bail to the safety and whiteness of Northern Virginia. And this woman has the gall to say that she is now an activist! This is an activism, as the United States has seen, that actively promotes the sale of weapons, the very things that frighten Ms. NIMBY-Wimp Weber.

Had Ms. Bail-Out stated that her activism was centered around something like Head Start or manning a crisis hot line, I might have an ounce of sympathy for her. Yet I am glad that people like her and her callous husband are leaving the District for those of us who really like all that it offers. They aren’t doing any good hanging around anyway.