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UNFORTUNATELY, FAKE abortion clinics like “A Woman’s Choice” are not rare (“Abort, Retry, Fail?,” 10/15). Where anti-abortion extremists have failed to convince the public to oppose abortion on moral and religious grounds, they have turned to lying and deceiving women about the pain and side effects of abortions. (It seems ridiculous when you consider the alternative to abortion—childbirth—hardly a painless option!).

The attacks on women seeking health care are not isolated to these anti-abortion facilities, however. At over half a dozen Washington-area abortion clinics, anti-abortion protesters gather each Saturday morning to “counsel” (harass) women entering the clinics and attempt to terrify them about abortion. Members of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force go to the clinics and inform women about the protesters and their tactics. Task Force escorts also ensure patients’ access to the clinic is not blocked.

Exposing fake clinics like A Woman’s Choice helps inform women about those people that would rather punish than help them during a difficult time in their lives. We hope that other newspapers and magazines will print similar articles exposing the fake clinics in their community.

Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, Logan North