LIZA MUNDY’S ARTICLE ON Ryoichi Sasakawa (“Peacemonger,” 10/22) was informative, and while it wasn’t exactly flattering, we appreciate her interest. Certainly there are many ways of looking at the world, and we do not seek to hide the details of his life from the general public. We would like to clarify, however, that 94-year-old Mr. Sasakawa is not the “boss” of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, but rather the founder. His past has absolutely no bearing on our mission and goals here in Washington, D.C.

The past cannot be changed, nor should it be forgotten. We are now moving forward with our own hopes and plans. SPF-USA acts independently, operating on L Street nothing more threatening than a nonprofit art gallery and library. We are open to the public and filled with wonderful materials and artworks, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the D.C. area. SPF-USA makes no grants of any kind, nor do we seek to disseminate any point of view other than that of peace and mutual understanding.

Such is our point of view. We invite the public to visit SPF-USA in order to reach their own, informed conclusions.

Assistant to the Gallery Director and the Staff of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA, Downtown