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Al Gore was once attacked by conservatives who called him a radical envirokook, but now it’s greenies who are dissing the veep. Activists from the Ohio Valley are urging a “recall” of Gore’s best-selling book, Earth in the Balance, labeling their former hero a hypocrite because he now supports a hazardous waste incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio, that he once vowed to stop. Environmentally-correct Liverpudlians and supporters will surrender their dogeared copies of Earth at a noon rally in Lafayette Square on Nov. 6. The books won’t be pulped for recycling, however: The ‘viros have a not-very-secret plan that “has to do with a catapult,” according to Beth Knapp of the Tristate Environmental Council, the Ohio Valley coalition behind the protest. Knapp says, “It wouldn’t surprise me” if a few copies of Earth land on the White House lawn. Aside from the question of how the Secret Service will react, we have to ask one thing: Can we keep the catapult? Dan Quayle just signed a book contract, and he deserves equal treatment with RoboGore.