THERE WAS A SIGNIFICANT error in the reporting on Samaritan Inns’ plan to convert a large, 45-unit apartment building at 5620 Colorado Ave. NW into a house for recovering drug and alcohol addicts (“Loose Lips,” 11/5). LL stated that the building permits on this project were revoked. That is correct. However, he then stated they were “temporarily reinstated after Samaritan Inns hired former D.C. Corporation Counsel John Risher to plead its case.”

These building permits were revoked on Oct. 18, by letter from the acting head of building and land regulations for “misrepresentation” on the application for building permits. They remain revoked. They were never reinstated temporarily. And residents of the area have been assured by the mayor that the permits will remain revoked.

It appears fashionable to label anyone resisting such attempts to settle individuals of all types within residential neighborhoods. However, is it not reasonable to consider that those hard-working homeowners who have worked years to establish a neighborhood have rights to the implied enjoyments thereof? If not, then perhaps this city should do away with zoning laws altogether.

Gail Barnes, Brightwood Park