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MELANIE LAROSA’S LETTER (The Mail, 10/29) exemplifies the stuffed-shirt attitude of most students at Georgetown University. It is because of this prevalent attitude that the Georgetown Gonzo was founded.

As a member of the editorial board of the Gonzo, I resent LaRosa’s accusation that we at the Georgetown Gonzo “memorialize drug fiends.” Even if we choose to do so, no one is forcing this cardboard cutout of a student to read our publication.

LaRosa also regresses to a poorly-supported ad hominem attack on our editor, Richard Diefenbeck, saying he ought to be “kicked out flat on his ass for even thinking about doing this.” Not only does LaRosa disgrace Georgetown by debasing a fellow student in a public forum such as this, but she brings shame to our school by using such foul language. It is not the Georgetown Gonzo but LaRosa who shows a lack of values, judgment, and most of all, respect.

LaRosa fails to comprehend that college is a place for the spread and germination of new ideas, and not just a place to, as she says, “study hard and learn to respect the values we’re supposed to respect.” It is narrow-minded people such as LaRosa that detract from college life, not brilliant nonconformists like ourselves who try to give people a new perspective on life.

Associate Editor, Georgetown Gonzo, Georgetown