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News flash: Santa Claus topples U.S. government, begins minting money bearing his image. Well, not exactly. But to remind Washingtonians that charity is the true meaning of Christmas, the Easter Seal Society concocted a marketing scheme even Scrooge would like: selling money. On each “Santa dollar,” George Washington’s visage is covered by a sticker of St. Nick. The dollars, which are genuine U.S. tender, are packaged in gift cards and sold at area Safeways for $2 each. Charlie Brown might frown on the ultimate commercialization of Christmas, but as Easter Seals spokesman Mike Singer points out, everyone can afford Santa Dollars. “It’s not forgery, and it’s not defacing money, the sticker peels off,”says Singer. For tykes, the bill might be thrill enough. For those of us old enough to know better, a bigger rush comes from trying to pass it, sticker and all. “I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work in a farecard machine, it would probably gum it up,” says Singer. Washington City Paper didn’t want to contribute to long farecard lines, but a Santa dollar was accepted (and retrieved) from four Metro-area businesses, and now resides in the bowels of a Coke machine on 18th Street.