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Despite their quest for social, economic, and political equality, many women spurn the label “feminist” because they perceive the feminist movement as being too rarefied, argues Lydia Sullivan, editor of a nascent Washington newsletter calledCitywomen. “Those of us not grounded in an academic background of women’s studies have felt left out,” Sullivan says. The former publisher of the Washington Monthly, Sullivan hopes that Citywomen will make equality palatable to mainstream women by stripping hyper-complicated rhetoric from issues like child care, domestic chore disputes, and office attitudes. Citywomen, which Sullivan expects to be bimonthly, will also advise readers on how to assert themselves in the home and office and how to find other politically active women. Sullivan says she decided to start the newsletter because the District is so transient: Local women are cut off from “that natural network of women that exists in many small towns, or in the immigrant and family enclaves of yesteryear,” she says. Individual subscriptions to Citywomen cost $15, and for a free trial issue, call Sullivan at (301) 942-2332.