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THE WRITER OF “HOW They Won the War” (Film, 11/12) should remember that the purpose of a movie review is (surprise) to review a movie. While I am sure that the opportunity to review The War Room provided an opportunity for political commentary that could not be resisted, the writer’s selection of areas that President Clinton has allegedly “spectacularly screwed up” during the last 10 months demonstrates a political bias which is extreme even by Washington City Paper‘s traditionally lenient standards. Further, offering ideologically tinged criticisms, absent solutions to the alleged problems, is unnecessary, and detracts from the quality (?) of the review.

The writer might want to consider that, during the past 10 months, interest rates, inflation, and unemployment have all gone down (which means that the economy is improving), and that the stock market is flirting with record highs on a weekly basis (which means people think it will continue to improve). This is what President Clinton was elected to do—deal with the economy. If this is “screwing up,” I sure hope we have seven more years of it.

David Biderman, Arlington, Va.