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BILL GIFFORD’S ARTICLE about the white man’s burden of guilt (“The Unbearable Whiteness of Being,” 11/12) will no doubt make him a hero in the libertarian camp, but his message will unfortunately not reach those who should be listening. Although cultural diversity seems, on its surface, to be a reasonable ideal for our nation to strive for, it’s obvious that the cultural diversity police are doing little good and may in fact be doing greater harm in the long run.

First, they’re providing a false sense of “progress” in human relations when all they are really doing is making it easier for their middle-class practitioners to be complacent, if not blind, to the realities of our current situation. Second, by lumping everyone into separate cultural identities, they drag all of society back toward mediocrity by stifling an individual’s sense of uniqueness and saddling him/her with the yoke of “groupthink.” Third, they’re forcing sensitivity upon people who don’t want it, a guaranteed recipe for failure, not to mention a contradiction in terms (that is, “sensitivity” and “force”).

What really should be examined in these race matters is the “who”—who are the biggest proponents of cultural diversity? For the most part, they are children of the ’60s, those boomers who are still nostalgic for the civil rights movement, the one and only time whites and blacks worked together for a common goal. That, however, was a short-lived moment and bears no resemblance to the hellhole of today. Just beyond the doors of (and sometimes even inside) any District school where the teachers sport their Afrocentric garb and Afrocentrically bent curriculum, black males are killing each other—and demeaning, impregnating, and abandoning black females—as if the black race has declared war on itself. Giving these young people Kente cloth caps and sashes (and even condoms) and telling them about the amazing exploits of Marcus Garvey is not going to solve these problems. Cultural diversity is one thing, but what if there is no culture to save?

Finally, the most obvious question in these race matters: If all white males are stereotyped as members of an oppressor group by “people of color,” then aren’t the latter guilty of what the former stands permanently accused of?

Michael Revere, Arlington, Va.