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REGARDING MICHAEL SPERling’s recent column, “Pointless” (Bullet Heads, 11/12): Is that the title of his column every week?

Duckworth is a true center in the sense that center is the only position where you’re allowed to weigh 300 pounds and have lead feet. Hurley would only help Duckworth if he could dish off a few of Kevin’s second and third helpings at mealtime to wispy power forward Pervis Ellison.

Of course, if Duckworth doesn’t work out as the “middle” man, the Bullets are ready to unfold 7-foot-7 Gheorge Muresan, who’s a “true” center in the sense that center is the only position where you’re allowed to have almost no athletic ability if you’re freakishly tall (see Chuck Nevitt, Mark Eaton, and Blair Rasmussen).

Sperling cites as one advantage of having a true point guard the ability to let Adams play shooting guard, his “true” position. Adams is a shooting guard in the sense that he’s a guard, and shoots more than anyone else on the floor. Think about it. Do you really think the Bullets will be better if Adams, who improved to 43 percent from the field last year, and erratic Rex Chapman get to shoot even more? I wouldn’t buy tickets behind the basket if I were you.

What the Bullets need is a true general manager. From 1984 through 1990, the Bullets had the 12th pick or better in the draft, and came up with this all-star team: Melvin Turpin, Kenny Green, John Williams, Tyrone Bogues, Harvey Grant, and Tom Hammonds. Green, in 1985, was picked right in front of Karl Malone. Hammonds, a bust as the ninth pick in 1989, was traded for Chapman, who was a bust as the eighth pick in 1988. In 1990, they traded the pick, No. 7, to get Ellison from the Kings, who drafted Lionel Simmons (who puts up similar numbers and plays more than Pervis). And Grant has been converted into Duckworth, a rare instance of energy being converted to fat, instead of the other way around.

Mugsy at point. Chapman at shooting guard. And a Maginot-size front line of Duckworth, Hot Plate Williams, and Turpin. Is it any wonder the Bullets are worse than three of the four most recent expansion teams?

Glover Park