Post-punk artiste Perry Farrell portentously aestheticizes the semi-autobiographical doomed relationship of an iconoclastic rocker (named Perry and played by Farrell) and his wife (named Casey and played by co-director and Farrell ex-girlfriend Casey Niccoli) in this odd home movie. Farrell parades the usual titillating fast-life horrors—shooting up, S&M, surfing, fatal overdoses, bad acting—and throws in a Santeria wedding and necrophilia for laughs. (To see similar situations visualized with a lot more flair, check out Nicolas Roeg’s Eureka and Bad Timing, respectively.) Eric Edwards’ gliding camerawork is sometimes interesting, but the loving explorations of Farrell’s sculptures are a bit much. Some may consider it a selling point that the story is interspersed with live performances by Farrell’s former band, Jane’s Addiction, and closes with a duet between Farrell and Ice-T. At the Biograph, 2819 M St. NW. (202) 333-2696. (Mark Jenkins)