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It’s a Generation X thing, apparently—and not just because of the titular kinship with Racer X. Those with fond memories of late-’60s and early-’70s cartoons have precipitated a Speed Racer revival, complete with a late-night slot on MTV, a proposed live-action film starring Charlie Sheen, and a techno hit, “Speed,” that samples the plucky boy racer (original Japanese name: Go Mifune). This salute to Speed and his pals, who were the first full-color product of the animation studio that began with the black-and-white Astro Boy, includes three newly restored episodes: “The Car Hater” and the two-part “The Race Against the Mammoth Car.” As an anomalous bonus, there’s also an episode of Colonel Bleep, the ’50s American cartoon credited as an influence on The Ren & Stimpy Show. Opens Friday at the Biograph, 2819 M St. NW. (202) 333-2696. (Mark Jenkins)